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Chilhowee Fair Jackpot

Barrel racers we hope that you will join us for the very first Chilhowee Fair Open 4D Barrel Jackpot. Anyone and everyone is welcome to compete. The open will have $1,000 added, we hope to make this an annual event that will grow in the years to come. This is a large outdoor arena. We are going to attempt to set a standard pattern, not promising that but we are going to try.

First and foremost, this is a fair event. There will be spectators, a carnival, and a live band. Expect a little more action than your normal barrel jackpot. The carnival will be set up just outside of the arena. If you have a sensitive horse or maybe one that has not been hauled and seasoned, you may want to come early to ride around. The late session will also have a live band playing near the arena. Let's just say this will be more of a rodeo atmosphere. Just be prepared. 

Parking: The parking will be very limited. We are going to do our very best to make sure we have enough room for the parking. This arena is located right in the middle of Chilowee. There will be designated trailer parking in front of the Chilhowee City Hall. However, if that fills you can park anywhere you see fit and ride to the arena. Main street in town will be shut down for the Carnival so please do not try to come down main street with your trailer. I feel confident that all of you barrel racers can make your own decision on where to park your trailer. 

You may also park near the city park and ride your horse to the arena... It's not that far! Whatever is the best situation for you. This is a very very small town. Just park and do the best you can do. Just avoid Main Street or you may get stuck.

The race will be split into TWO sessions. The early session will be PRE-ENTRY ONLY! The early session will also be limited. We will have an hour break between the sessions. The arena will not be open during the break as they will have specialty acts in the arena between sessions.

Warm Up: You may ride over to the city park and warm your horses up in the park. We will have open arena before each session for warm up time as well. Please feel free to use the city park to warm up if needed or use the designated open arena prior to the race starting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Michelle Hamilton (660)864-3200.

If weather is questionable, call or text before you haul.

Click Here To Download The Event Flyer


Date: September 2nd, 2023

Chilhowee Fair

City Hall Address:

110 S Pennsylvania St

Chilhowee, MO 64733


PeeWee is for any riders under the age of 10 this class will be run in a 3D format. PeeWee kids can NOT enter the open or youth.


** MUST BE 10 & UNDER AS OF MAY 1ST 2023 **


Youth is for any riders under the age of 18 this class will be run in a 3D format. Youth is a side pot only, you MUST be entered in the open to enter the youth side pot.


** MUST BE 18 & UNDER AS OF MAY 1ST 2023 **

Schedule Of Events

** You must be entered before the first horse runs in the open each session, the early session is pre entry only **



Exhibitions will be very limited, so we can start the event on time.


Early Session

Open Arena 5:15PM - 5:25PM

Open will start at 5:30PM



Late Session

Open Arena 8:00PM - 8:10PM

PeeWee will start at 8:15PM

Open will start at 8:30PM


Pre entries will open on Wednesday August 30th.

and close September 1st. Watch for pre-entry info on Facebook.

If entering on site, you will need to be entered by 8:30PM for the late session. No on-site entries will be taken for the early session.

Entry Fees, Added Money & Office Fee

Entry Fees:

Open 4D: $45

PeeWee 3D: $5

Youth 3D Sidepot: $20

Office Fee: $5 for everyone, except PeeWee's!

Guaranteed Open 4D Added Money:



All Results Will Be Submitted To Equi-Stat

Rules & General Event Information


* You must be entered before the first horse runs in each session. Once Open has started entries will close. The early session is pre entry only.

* If you pre enter please contact Michelle Hamilton the producer prior to one hour start time if you need to scratch or draw out. If not done, you will still owe for your entry fees. Please give us a minimum of an hour notice of draw outs or scratches.

* We will ONLY accept cash for entries. No Venmo or anything else. CASH ONLY!

* Horse abuse of any sort will not be tolerated. This is a public event and we hold all of our contestants to a professional standard.

* Anyone who volunteers to work will get a free entry. Please contact Michelle Hamilton to sign up to work. This includes running the gate and setting barrels!

*Payout will be 80% for all classes, except Peewee and it will be 100% payback.

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