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MR Barrel Racing Productions Official Rules

Please read carefully, these will be fully enforced at all MR Barrel Racing Productions Events. 

*If you pre enter and do not contact Michelle Hamilton/Producer within one hour before race start time to notify or a scratch or draw out, You will NOT be allowed to pre enter any future MR Barrel Racing Productions events. The contestant needs to personally talk to the producer. Do not rely on someone else to pass along the info. The contestant will also be liable for the fees and will need to have fees paid in full before entering the next event if producer is not notified one hour prior to event start time. No refunds will be given for any reason.

*If someone is purchasing your draw spot then the original contestant needs to contact the producer/Michelle Hamilton. Changes in the draw must be made one hour prior to race start time. No changes will be made for any reason after 1 hour prior to race start time.


*Exhibitions are a 60 second time limit. No exceptions. If you go over the 60 seconds then you will be charged an additional $5. If not paid before your run you will be disqualified. 


*Cash only entries the day of the race unless other specific forms of payment are listed on the event information page.

*Entries will close when the first horse runs in the open at all MR Barrel Racing Productions events unless noted on the event information page.

*Pre entries will always get first priority. We will have pre draws posted before race start time. On site entries will be taken until the first horse runs in the open. On site entries may be posted at draw 50.

*Failure to make your run after calling your name 3 times will result in a scratch or no time. No entries will be refunded if you are scratched. If you did not notify the office one hour prior to your run or did not pay your fees for a scratch or draw out then you will owe the full amount of your entries before you can enter the next MR Barrel Racing Productions event. 

*Horse abuse will not be tolerated. We hold our contestants to a professional standard. If it is reported that you are abusing a horse during one of our events it will be taken seriously and you will be disqualified. No entries will be refunded. This includes the "back pasture or parking lot" when you do not think anyone is watching. Trust me someone will see and turn you in. Just don't do it.

*If you loose your hat during your run, you must pay the staff member who has the item to get it back. Please check the individual event information pages to see hat fine rules. If you do not pay the fine then the worker will keep the hat until fine is paid in full. 

*If anyone has the need to make a negative post on Facebook or ANY social media platforms about MR Barrel Racing Productions or the arenas of which we host our events at you will be banned from all future MR Barrel Racing Productions events. No exceptions. If you have concerns or an issue that needs to be addressed please contact Michelle Hamilton personally. Michelle Hamilton (660)864-3200

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