Summer Saddle Series


Join us for our first ever, hopefully annual Summer Saddle Series. There will be NO nomination fees, NO attendance requirements, and NO extra fees. Come run for a chance to win a saddle. ALL 5D open division winners will win a saddle certificate. The certificate will allow each winner to customize the saddle they won however they want! Top 10 in each open division will be points each race. Starting with 10 points for first and 1 point for 10th. Every horse can enter twice in the open.


Series Champions:

1D Cydney Larson

Res. Whitly Gregory

2D Charlotte Smith

Res. Emma Allen

3D Ally McCormack

Res. Jordan Littell

4D Holly Jennings

Res. Montana Dorsey

5D Montana Dorsey

Res. Trina Anstine

Johnson County Fairgrounds

Warrensburg, MO [Outdoor Arena]

*Located about 4 miles west of Warrensburg on 50 HWY, Watch for Johnson County Fairgrounds Sign*

Future Legends

Future legends is for any riders under the age of 10. This class will be run in a 3D format. Future Legends is what we will be calling our PeeWee classes from now on. These little ones are the future of our sport.

** MUST BE 10 & UNDER AS OF JUNE 1ST 2022 **


Future legends kids can also enter the youth and open classes! 

2022 Schedule:

** You must be entered before the first horse runs in the open **


6:30PM - 8:00PM

3D Future Legends:

Will start at 8:15PM

Open 5D:

Will start at 8:30PM

* Each horse can enter twice in the open *


This means if you want to enter the youth, you MUST run in the open and carryover your time to the youth class.

2022 Dates:

June 23rd - 78 Open Entries

June 30th

July 14th

July 21st

July 28th

August 4th

August 11th

August 18th

Entry Fees & Arena Fee

Entry Fees:

Exhibitions: $5 Each

Future Legends: $5

Open 5D $35

Youth Carryover $20

Open Entry Fee: We will put $25 from every entry into the payout, $10 from every open entry will go towards series award fund. Each horse can be entered twice in the open, a full $35EF must be paid for each open entry.

Arena Fee: $5 Per Person Including The Future Legends. IF you are just coming for Exhibitions you will also need to pay the $5 arena fee.

Rules & General Event Information


* You must be entered before the first horse runs in the Open 5D. Once Open has started entries will close.

* Each horse can run two times in the open. Must pay a $35EF for each run.

* We will accept cash only for ALL entries. No Paypal, No Venmo, No Cash App!

* Failure to make your run after calling your name 3 times will results in a scratch. No entries will be refunded for scratches.

* No entries will be refunded for any reason!!!

* No Dress Code

* Horse abuse of any sort will not be tolerated. This is a public event and we hold all of our contestants to a professional standard.

* Anyone who volunteers to work will get a free entry. Please contact Michelle Hamilton to sign up to work. This includes running the gate and setting barrels!

* Payout will be 80% for all classes, except the future legends. Future legends will be 100% Payback.

* Everyone entered will automatically get points if placing in the top 10 of any open division. No nomination fees!

All Results Will Be Submitted To Equi-Stat